Man causes £5,000 damage in five seconds

He accidentally knocked over four television sets in one go

Man causes £5,000 of damage in five seconds

Have you ever had a day go so badly that you wonder if you should have just stayed in bed?

We think that must be exactly what this man thought after he was involved in a pricey incident in a technology shop recently.

The customer, who was shopping in the St. Austell branch of electronics chain HBH Woolacotts, managed to cause £5,000 worth of damage in less than five seconds.

How, you ask? The unlucky man accidentally knocked over not one, not two but FOUR flat-screen television sets.

The customer was crouched down, inspecting one of the televisions which was back to back with another on the stand.

Somehow he managed to knock one into the other while he was standing up.

But that wasn't the end of it, there was more to come!

As the man doubled back in shock he threw his arm out behind him and managed to knock over the two television sets placed on the stand behind him.

So, in the space of five seconds this man has managed to accidentally break four television sets which collectively cost a whopping £5,000.

It's not a great start to the day and it's all been caught on camera too!

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