Euromillions second chance - you could still win £151m

Betting firm is offering a second chance at massive Euromillions jackpot

Changes to Euromillions tickets

When a lucky Belgian punter scooped the £151 million EuroMillions jackpot, we all tried to be happy for them, but deep down, our real reaction was major disappointment. Now the jackpot has been won, and we've missed our opportunity - unless we fancy a second chance.

Camelot has reset the EuroMilions jackpot at £15 million - which is still a pretty impressive sum of cash, and would probably set most people up for life. But if you're still hankering after a massive win, then a betting site is offering the chance to have another go at the £151 million.

Lottoland is calling this the Rollover Reload, in which punters can bet on the outcome of this week's EuroMillions draw. If they win, they pick up the £151 million jackpot. It's something of a mega-promotion for the company, because it is also offering bets for £2 rather than the lottery price of £2.50 - and for new customers it's offering three bets for the price of one.

It sounds like a handy way to get a second chance at the jackpot of anyone's dreams.

But wait....

There are a couple of things you need to consider before you snap it up. The first is that you are gambling on something with incredibly long odds. By far the most likely outcome is that you will lose your £2. If you have the cash to spare, and it will make no difference to you at all to lose it, then you might want to take the chance. However, if you are on a tight budget and are regularly spending money like this, your strategy may need a serious rethink.

If you like the idea of a lottery and you don't want to part with the cash, you can always choose to play the one that costs nothing to enter: at This was launched as a lottery for people who hate lotteries, and doesn't ever sell any tickets. Instead you sign up using your postcode, then every day you check the site to see if you have won a number of different jackpots. The jackpots are paid for by advertisers, and while they don't run into the millions or hundreds of millions, they regularly roll over to £1,000.

The second issue is that part of gambling with Camelot is the fact that you are raising money for good causes. These support all kinds of incredible individuals - including Olympians and Paralympians. If you bet on the outcome instead, there's nothing raised for good causes - so you need to decide whether it's important to you.

But what do you think? Does a second chance appeal? Let us know in the comments.

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