Part-time lecturers 'can earn three times the national average' - study


Part-time lecturers can earn three times as much as the national average, at up to £36,500 a year, a study has found.

The post tops a list of best paid part-time positions, followed by business analyst (£28,800), research assistant (£21,300) and teaching assistant (£20,300), according to jobs site Glassdoor.

Other jobs listed included warehouse worker (£16,800), tutor (£16,500) and beauty consultant (£15,000).

Diarmuid Russell of Glassdoor said: "Part-time work can be a great way to give people the ability to combine work with time to enjoy other interests, whether it's to improve work-life balance, create more time for family or earn extra money whilst studying.

"Lecturers are often successful business people or entrepreneurs in their own right, brought in for specific experience in the world of business, politics and the arts.

"While not everyone has a track record in the private sector, there are opportunities to be had in the academic world for people with the right skills and background."