The Fixer: train ticket refund

Can I get my money back if I never took the train?

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Dear Fixer,

I recently bought a train ticket from Wales to London on the Trainline website.

The plan was to save money by booking early, but unfortunately my plans changed and so I never took the train I had booked.

I am £46.50 out of a pocket as a result. Is there any way I can get my money back?

A Brown, Birmingham

Dear Ms Brown,

The good news is that the ticket you bought is refundable - for a £10 charge.

Also, your case is straightforward because you never picked your tickets up from the machine and you are within 28 days of the ticket's expiry date.

So all you have to do is go into your Trainline account and claim your £36.50 refund. The money will then be refunded to the account you used to pay for the original booking.

It is, however, worth noting that Trainline customers who buy Advance - rather than Off-Peak, Super Off-Peak or Anytime - tickets can only change the time or date of these tickets before travel, again for a £10 charge.

To take advantage of this service should your travel plans change again in the future, you must change the ticket before you are due to depart and buy a ticket for "the same route and of an equal or higher value".

The Fixer

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