New £5 can play vinyl records

New £5 note can play a vinyl record
New £5 note can play a vinyl record

An amazing video has emerged of a man playing a vinyl with a new plastic five pound note.

The footage, shot on Monday in Norwich, UK, shows the man holding one of the corner of the note onto the rotating record.

While the music that is created is more than a little scratchy, it's definitely recognisable!

He also used a contact microphone and a small amplifier in order to play ABBA's hit 'Money, Money, Money'.

The new polymer £5 notes were released in September this year and have already been put through a series of tests.

The note, which replaces Elizabeth Fry with Winston Churchill, has been printed on a flexible plastic film which is supposed to be far more durable than the previous paper notes.

On ITV 'This Morning' they put the new £5 through the washing machine, dipped it in red wine and rubbed Marmite into it.

Amazingly the new polymer note describes all the tasks.

The £10 and £20 notes will also receive an update in the coming years and it's been announced that artist, JMW Turner will feature on the £20 edition.