What to look out for when shopping online

How to avoid getting short-changed on the internet

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Shopping online can often be the easiest way of quickly getting hold of what you need without even having to leave the house.

But, it's not always as easy as it looks and sometimes you can end up with something totally different to what you ordered - making you wish you'd made the effort to go to a shop instead!

If you're keen to put your internet shopping skills to the test but don't want to end up short-changed, take a look at these top tips to avoid disaster!

1. Watch out for grammatical errors on the website
If they spell the name of the material wrong or they don't look very professional that should be a big red flag.

2. Trust your gut
If the price looks too good to be true then there's probably a reason. If it's significantly cheaper than other retailers then it's probably not as good quality.

3. Read the reviews
Spend some time reading the reviews and looking at the description of the product. If it's clothing it's always worthwhile checking the measurements of the product.

If you take these tips with you when you settle down behind the computer then you should be in luck!

Shopping: when spending more isn't always better

Shopping: when spending more isn't always better