Celebrity couples that divorced without a prenup

Which couples didn't protect themselves before walking down the aisle

Celebrity couples that divorced without a prenup

Thankfully Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had a prenup, so they know how to divide up their 400 million dollar fortune. But some Hollywood celebs weren't so lucky.

Here's a look at those who didn't protect themselves and their money before they got married.

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe

The couple split in 2005 and they never had a prenup. She was making around 20 million a movie while he lingered around $2.5 million per film.

We don't know what Ryan walked away with in the end... but when Reese got remarried to Jim Toth in 2011 she didn't get a prenup then either.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie

This pair didn't have a prenup and when they divorced in 2008 and she was worth around 500 million at the time.

Luckily he had a few bucks of his own, but she did end up forking over $92 million in the end.

She's worth an estimated $620 million today, so things ended up alright for her.

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey

The couple divorced in 2005 and since they didn't have a prenup, money was up for grabs.

She had a net worth of $35 million and she reportedly offered him $1.5 million to walk away.

He held out for a higher number and eventually got it, but it was significantly less than half.

Russell Brand and Katy Perry

The English actor and American pop star wanted their wedding to be about love, so they didn't have a prenup either.

When they split, he was entitled to a reported $20 million of her money but he didn't take it and he actually signed over the $6.5 million dollar house they bought together over to her.

He said he has a good job, and he's not into taking money from women.

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