Brangelina: Who will get what in the divorce?

The couple own a number of multi-million dollar properties

Brangelina: Who will get what in the divorce?

One of the biggest celebrity news stories to break this week has been the divorce of Hollywood A-listers, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

In what is certain to be one of the most high profile separations in movie history, what will happen to their vast wealth?

Their fortune is no small amount: Pitt and Jolie, who married in 2014, have an estimated combined wealth of $400 million, the majority of which is said to be invested in property.

The couple's main residence can be found in Hollywood and there are several homes on the plot.

Brad reportedly purchased the first, modest, five-bedroom home for $1.7 million in 1994 and has since added a few homes for his large family.

But that's nothing compared to their spacious Chateau Miraval in Correns, France which spans a staggering 1,000 acres.

It's estimated that in 2008 the couple spent $60 million on the castle which includes 35 rooms, a large banquet hall, both indoor and outdoor pools and even a vineyard that the couple uses to produce their own rose Miraval wine.

If you think the power couple stopped at two properties, think again.

They also have a $5 million home in Santa Barbara and a renovated 1830s home worth $6 million in New Orleans.

Only time will tell who gets what in this high profile separation.

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