Meet the Italian prince who works in a food truck

Emmanuel's family were exiled from the country in 1947

Italian prince serves pasta in LA

There are many thing you wouldn't expect a member of the royal family to do, and serving food is certainly one of them.

But that's not the case with all royal families: meet his highness Emmanuel Filiberto, the last prince of Italy.

Emmanuel doesn't have much time for attending royal events, because he runs his own food truck in Los Angeles, that's right, the prince serves pasta.

The prince's family was exiled in 1947 and despite growing up in Switzerland, his heart has always belonged to Italy.

He says: "When you're Italian and when you come from a family like I come from you have Italian blood in you. "And also if you are far away you always have this Italian culture."

In 2002 the family exile was lifted and the prince returned home to Italy. He said: "When I came back to Italy I wanted to present myself to Italians through television and through 'Dancing with the Stars'."

But the glare of the spotlight was too much, so Emmanuel decided to live a life of anonymity in Los Angeles.

He says the food truck promotes his Italian culture and seeing as he'd never seen an Italian food truck in the city before, he decided to start his own fresh pasta truck.

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