How to get an NUS discount card - even if you're not a student

And it's all perfectly legal

An NUS card

It's that time of year again, as tens of thousands of students set off for university - all armed with NUS cards entitling them to discounts on everything from books to fashion.

But you don't have to live in digs and eat baked beans to get an NUS card - or even open a book. Best of all, it's all perfectly legal.

To get an NUS card, you need to be a student. But you don't have to be signed up for a £9,000 a year degree - there are plenty of online courses that count.

eCareers, for example, offers a range of courses, covering everything from app development to gardening. And while on the face of it, these courses cost upwards of a couple of hundred pounds, it's possible to get them for much less.

With deals site Groupon, for example, you can currently sign up for a Google Analytics training course for just £19.

Meanwhile Gogroupie has a course titled 'Introduction to Microsoft 'New Features' for just $£4.

Sign up for one of these, and you're a legitimate student, entitled to an NUS Extra card for just another £12.

You don't actually have to do the course - although you may find one that genuinely appeals. But once you've signed up, you can visit the NUS Extra page to order a card.

You'll be asked where you're studying - and eCareers is given as an option on the drop-down menu - and you'll need to provide your email address. You'll also have to pay an extra £1 to have the card delivered to your home address rather than your 'university' - otherwise, it'll be mailed to e-Careers.

And at the end of this process, you'll have paid as little as £17 for a card that gives you huge discounts from a wide range of stores. Some of the best deals include 25% off Dominos pizza when you spend more than £20; 40% off at Nicky Clarke Salons; and 50% off Delta Force paintball.

Amazon offers 5% off, and numerous clothes stores, from New Look to La Senza, offer card holders 10% off. The card will be valid for a year.

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