The top ten best places to retire overseas

From Spain to Thailand, where do you fancy?

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As the nights start to draw in, it's easy to see the appeal of retirement overseas - despite any concerns sparked by the Brexit vote. You don't necessary need wall-to-wall sun, sea and sand. Slightly longer and less chilly days would make an enormous difference.

Faced with an entire world to retire to, it can seem like an overwhelming choice. Fortunately insurers Castle Cover have looked into the cost of living, property prices, healthcare costs, crime rates, tax, and climate, and have tracked down their ten best places to retire overseas.

10. Greece
Despite the real economic turmoil in the country, if you have no need to earn a living, you can take advantage of a low cost of living and affordable property prices, and enjoy the kind of climate and landscapes that mean the attractions of this troubled nation continue to endure.

9. Morocco
You'd be forgiven for being surprised to see this on the list, because it's not a major retirement destination. However, the study points out that the low rainfall, balmy temperatures and rich cultural life mean there's plenty to recommend it. The reason this isn't higher up the list is because buying and selling property - and trying to make improvements and changes - can be a complex business.

Bab Bou Jeloud gate (The Blue Gate) located at Fez, Morocco

8. Jamaica
The stunning island scenery and warm climate are near the top of the list of attractions for many people - along with the fact that English is the most commonly-spoken language, and that living costs are low. However, Jamaica isn't without its problems, and anyone here will have to be comfortable with a relatively high crime rate in some areas.

Hillside View of the Island of Jamica

7. Thailand
For those who want a real break from home, Thailand offers an incredibly low cost of living - including bargain properties. Combine that with spectacular scenery, a rich culture and a beautiful climate, and you can see why tens of thousands of expats are drawn here.

Freedom beach

6. Australia
Recent currency movements haven't been kind to anyone exchanging their pounds for Australian dollars, and as a result the cost of living and the price of property - especially in big cities - isn't cheap. However, the fact that English is the main language, the landscape can be so beautiful, and the climate is so pleasant, mean it's hardly surprising that it's home to more than £1 million Brits.

Aerial view of Sydney cityscape, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

5. The US
Living in the US isn't cheap - especially given that your state pension will be frozen, and your health insurance will be pricey. However, low property prices could offset some of these effects. There are, of course, hundreds of thousands of different retirements you can enjoy in the US, from a fast-paced New York lifestyle, to ranch life in the heart of California or relaxing on the Florida coast.

july 2012. night view of empire ...

4. Barbados
This is one of the furthest-afield of the top ten, and its Caribbean location offers plenty of sun, sea and sand. There's also the fact that the main language is English, and that there's a large British expat community. However, the incredibly cheap healthcare and low cost of living may be the biggest attractions over time.

Mullins Beach, St Peter Parish, Barbados, Caribbean

3. Spain
There's a reason why Spain has the largest expat community in Europe. The beauty of the country, fantastic climate, affordability and low crime rate are all appealing. However, there's also a reason why this country isn't in first place at the moment - and that's largely down to the impact of the economic crisis. Falling house prices, planning permission issues, and large numbers of virtually empty coastal developments mean moving to Spain isn't without risk.

Cala Macarelleta - one of the most popular natural beaches of Menorca Island, Spain

2. Portugal
The enormous numbers of Brits who have retired here seem to have made a brilliant choice. Anyone who has holidayed in Portugal knows about the great climate and the low cost of living. Retirees will also be impressed with the affordability of property and the quality of healthcare. It's no wonder that so many studies before this one have actually edged Portugal into first place.

Albufeira,Algarve region, Portugal

1. Malta
The climate here is not to be sniffed at - with over 3,100 hours of sunshine a year. Life is also straightforward for retirees, as English is the most commonly spoken language, and there are plenty of English shops and supermarkets. Malta also has a large population for a small state, and plenty of ex-pats, so making friends should be straightforward.

malta boats

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