This is the place to be for fake money

More than half of Europe's fake money is printed in Italy

This is the place to be for fake money

Fake money is big business, but can you spot the fake among the originals? sat down with the forgery fighters to talk about what they do.

Robert Pollari, customs officer, said: "The forger is considered a gentleman amongst criminals. They are rarely hostile towards law enforcement authorities."

Pollari added: "Criminal organisations in the counterfeit business are just as organised as those who deal with illegal substances."

So, theoretically speaking, how much would it cost us to print money?

Pollari adds: "The production of one note costs a few cents. This market follows the same rules as traditional trades." "Usually each note costs wholesale around eight euro cents."

On the black market, fake €100 bills can fetch up to €40 and in 2016 the team seized 72,000 bogus bills in Italy.

In the rest of Europe 331,000 were discovered and the police keep on winning, their investigations caused fakes to fall by 25% - but what does the police do with all their loot?

The forged notes are shredded and pressed into a brick of paper.

Victims of scams and fraud

Victims of scams and fraud