How to save money on a night out

Avoid overspending but maintain your social life

How to save money on a night out

Everyone loves going out, whether it's for a meal or just a few drinks with friends. Unfortunately it's a surefire way of spending money - often more than you were hoping to.

Here are a few tips on how to save yourself a bit of cash while maintaining your social life at the same time:

Mystery shopper

It's unlikely that you're going to make a fortune from mystery shopping, but it can be a good way to get your hands on some freebies. You could be in line for a free meal, hotel stay or trip to the cinema. If you don't know how mystery shopping works, what you're required to do is take part in trials where you pose as a customer. You will be reimbursed for what you've spent on the night and you might even get your hands on a small fee on top of that too. One thing to bear in mind is your tax - you need to talk to HMRC because it may affect your income.

Withdraw cash

If you're known to get your card out after a few drinks and start paying for rounds, this is an easy way to avoid unwanted expenses. Take the money you're happy to spend out at the beginning of the night and keep it separate from your card. Keep your card on you for emergencies but try not to use it. It may sound simple but it's a handy and practical way to avoid spending too much!

Rent a dress for special occasions

While it may be pretty standard for men to rent a tuxedo for a special occasion, renting a dress is less common. However, it is possible and a great way to save money. If you've got a smart event coming up but don't want to splash out a new frock you'll likely only wear once, why not hire a dress for the night? Sites such as actually manage to offer more choice than you would get in a shop, at a range of different price points. This way you can still step out in style, on a budget!

Money-saving websites

Money-saving websites