Freebie Friday: freebies to put a smile on your face

Freebies from Pitcher & Piano, Neutrogena, Pizzi, Paperchase, ELC and Mothercare

What really makes you happy? There are some guaranteed winners. For a small child a new toy usually does the trick, and for those who are a bit longer in the tooth, a chocolate dessert or a cocktail may be the answer. Then there are those things that people only admit to in a crowd of like-minded folk - like those who hanker after the new stationery splurge of September, or the thought of looking just a tiny bit younger.

Whatever floats your boat, we should have enough freebies to put a smile on your face.

Free toys
Everybody loves a free toy, and at the moment (until 23 December) ELC and Mothercare are running a special deal offering a free toy when you buy one of their ten Top Toys. The users of spotted that one of the most generous is the deal offering two free 'Room Sets' of furniture worth £30 when you buy the Rosebud House dolls house. You can also get free cars when you buy a garage, free plastic food when you buy the play kitchen and free art stuff when you buy the easel.

Free dessert
There's a new deals website about to launch, called Latest Deals, which will get people to share details of the deals they have found online, and then send regular emails of the best to their subscribers. It has been tracking down some deals to get the ball rolling, and discovered that at the moment anyone on O2, with the priority app, can get two free chocolate, blood orange and Oreo cheesecakes at Zizzi, as long as you both have a main course. You just order the dessert, and show your code to the waiting staff when you ask for the bill.

Free cocktail
If you sign up for the Pitcher & Piano newsletter, you get a free drink every month. In September it's a Wild Turkey Kentucky Mule cocktail. Once you have signed up you'll get an email with the offer, featuring your code: just show this when you order. In addition, you can also get a Peroni Limoni cocktail for free when you buy any flatbread, although this deal runs out on 27 September, and for some odd reason specifically excludes Pitcher & Piano Tunbridge Wells.

Paperchase freebies
Treat Me Thursdays launched at Paperchase this week, and because it's only valid on Thursdays I won't taunt you with what you missed yesterday (oh go on then - a free foldaway bag worth £4.50). It's only available to those who have signed up to the Treat Me Paperchase loyalty card, so pop into a store, pick one up and give them your contact details. Then keep your eyes peeled, because you'll be sent the freebie details each Thursday.

Free moisturiser
Freebie Supermarket has discovered that you can get a free sample of Neutrogena Hydro Boost water gel moisturiser through the Facebook page. You just pop your details in and you'll be sent a 1.5ml sample within three weeks. The only slight hassle is that you'll need to use a laptop or tablet to sign up because for some reason it doesn't work on phones.

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Shopping: when spending more isn't always better