Driver avoids paying for car park in cheeky prank

Did he get away with it?


Jamie Zhu recently avoided paying for parking in a car park in Sydney, Australia, by taking another driver's ticket.

Scoffing at the charge when exiting the car park, Jamie got out of his car, pretended to be an employee and took another driver's ticket seemingly under the pretence that the machine wasn't working.

The trusting driver willingly handed over his ticket without asking any questions. Jamie swiftly jumped back into his own vehicle and used the ticket he just took to get through the machine without paying - and with that he sped off into the distance.

Luckily for the angry driver, who jumped out of his car and chase after him, it was all a prank.

Jamie went back soon after and returned the ticket to the amused driver.

The footage was originally uploaded to Jamie's YouTube channel where you can watch a number his other sneaky pranks!

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