Customers outraged as Sainsbury's cuts back on meal deal

Taste the Difference sandwiches no longer included

Products in Sainsbury's meal deal

Sainsbury's customers are up in arms after the supermarket dropped some of the most popular packaged sandwiches from its meal deal.

Rebranded as 'On The Go', the new deal excludes luxury Taste the Difference sandwiches, as well as the popular chicken and bacon, French brie and grape and the duck and hoisin wrap.

And - adding insult to injury in many eyes - the tubs of pasta no longer contain a plastic fork. Instead, Sainsbury's is putting them on the shelves next to the pots. However, plenty of dissatisfied customers have failed to realise this, leaving them to eat their pasta salad with their hands.

"Fully outraged at @sainsburys for taking all the nice sandwiches and wraps out of the meal deal. My lunch cost an extra 90p," writes one on Twitter.

"They've totally f****d their range of sandwiches and basically reduced the choice to everything c**p. All you can get is egg mayo, tuna sweet corn and ham/cheese essentially," adds another.

"I for one am disgusted and would happily riot. The days of a Sainsbury's taste the difference sandwich, with your tasty lunch beverage and snack are gone."

On Twitter, the company says that it's 'revamped our on the go meal deal and invested significantly in the quality, range and price of lines now outside of the meal deal'.

However, on Reddit, one member, who works for a major sandwich supplier, has a different explanation. He says that Sainsbury's changed their sandwich supplier on Friday, and claims that they have new terms with the new supplier.

However, he does have good news for anybody pining for a high-quality lunch."For you Boots sandwich loving people, the good news is that Boots have gone the other way," he says. "So prepare for the range and quality of Boots sandwiches to increase."

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