Justin Bieber has card declined at Subway

Luckily a fellow customer helped him out with the payment

Justin Bieber's Credit Card Is Declined, Fan Buys Him His Meal

Stumping up the cash for a sandwich can even be hard for celebrities at times.

Justin Bieber was caught out while visiting Subway in the US the other day. The popstar, whose girlfriend Sofia Richie was waiting outside, was embarrassed to find his credit card was declined.

An employee working at the store at the time confirmed the incident to Entertainment Tonight.

Luckily for Justin, he's not short of fans, and some of them are apparently quite generous.

The customer waiting behind the Canadian musician in the queue spotted the singer was in trouble, and was kind enough to pick up the bill.

Cosmopolitan reported that the superstar was trying to buy one of the chain's famous footlong sandwiches, cookies and a whopping four bottles of milk when he got into financial difficulties.

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