Want to sell your house quickly? Paint the door white

Research reveals the small details that swing a sale

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If you're looking for a quick sale of your house, you should paint the front door white, new research has shown.

It seems buyers aren't good at seeing past superficial details - and they are easily put off by small problems such as poor paintwork, a scratched front door or ugly carpets.

Indeed, 45% of people say they've rejected a property because of a single negative feature, the survey from Dulux Amazing Space and TSB reveals.

On the plus side, though, it helps if you have four bedrooms, four front-facing windows and a front garden with a rose bush and a neatly mown lawn.

"The research indicates that Brits are pretty clear on what they're looking for in a house, and they're happy to wait it out to find the perfect home," Raj Sahota, head of Dulux Amazing Space, tells the Express.

"It's important to consider the exterior as well as the interior of a house when the time comes to sell - as people can be extremely picky about making such a big investment."

Other important considerations for buyers include a good drive and space to build an extension.

However, when it comes to the interior, people are more relaxed, with two-thirds of people believing they can fix ugly decor by themselves.

And while almost half of people say they examine every aspect of a home before making an offer, a fifth say that all they're interested in is whether it has a 'good vibe'.

The advice echoes previous research which shows that most buyers make up their minds within minutes of seeing a property - and that it's generally the exterior that swings it.

Earlier this year, in fact, research for home mover conveyancing services firm My Home Move revealed that only 15% of people buy a property because they've fallen in love with the interior.

Rightmove advises taking a critical look at the property for 'kerb appeal', tidying the front garden and cleaning the windows. Inside, you should declutter and take care of any minor repairs.

"If you want to re-decorate, go for neutral tones, which will appeal to a wider audience," the firm advises.

"Banish smoke or pet odours. Open the windows, brew some fresh coffee and add finishing touches such as fresh flowers, to brighten the place up. Bring out the best features such as fireplaces and use mirrors to increase the sense of space."

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