Pizza is a better incentive than cash

But what's the top way to motivate people?

New Study Suggests Pizza is a Better Work Motivator Than Cash

Who needs cash when you have pizza? A study conducted at a factory in Israel suggests that pizza is a better reward for getting work done than money.

A psychology professor at Duke University set out to determine what kind of rewards motivated an employee to be more productive.

He sent a 'well done' text message from the boss to a quarter of the group, another group was given a bonus of $30, the third group got a voucher for a free pizza while the fourth group got no message or reward.

At the start of the experiment free pizza worked the most, with a 6.7% increase in productivity, followed by the well done message at 6.6%.

But, by the end of the week the study revealed that the group receiving the message had the highest overall increase in productivity.

Money was still in third place, just before the group who received nothing.

So it seems that a simple thank you goes a long way!

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