Janitor who died with secret $8 million fortune

No one knew about Ronald Read's huge fortune

The Janitor Who Died with a Secret $8 Million Fortune

It may seem impossible for workers with modest salaries to save money, but a now-deceased Vermont man had managed to do that and more, notes the Washington Post.

According to a recent CNBC article, when 92-year-old Ronald Read died in 2014, he had accumulated assets totaling around $8 million - despite having worked as a 'janitor and gas station attendant.'

No one, including his surviving stepchildren or his friends, is believed to have known about his wealth, in part, due to his modest lifestyle.

However, in addition to being frugal, he also enjoyed investing in the stock market.

The Wall Street Journal reports that he owned stakes in 95 diverse, largely blue-chip companies and was able to compound his gains over a long period.

Read left the bulk of his fortune to two local organizations, the Brooks Memorial Library and the Brattleboro Memorial Hospital.

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