Five new ways to make money from your home

a red houses sitting on a coins ...
a red houses sitting on a coins ...

You've invested a small fortune in your home, and every month your mortgage payments mean you're investing a little more. If you're starting to feel that it's about time this investment started paying off, then it's worth considering how your home can make money for you.

1. Airbnb - even if you don't have the energy for it
Airbnb is without doubt the most popular way to cash in: renting the whole house or just a room or two to holidaymakers. Apparently the average nightly rate in London is £96, which isn't to be sniffed at. If it sounds too much like hard work, you can even outsource the boring admin, cleaning, and key swapping. Companies like Hostmaker will sort the marketing out for you and handle the lettings - in return for a cut of your lettings income.

2. Rent your home during the day
If you're out all day at work, then it seems pointless for your home to be sitting empty. There are a growing number of companies that allow you to rent your home out as office space during the day - including Vrumi. You don't have to have a huge house, or a home office, as long as you have wifi and a desk, there will be someone who wants to work from your home rather than their own.

3. Rent out your drive
If you live anywhere where it's tricky to park, then your drive could be a godsend for someone else. While you're out at work, you can rent your drive out to a stranger through websites like Just Park. It works particularly well close to stations or sports venues, or in city centres, but you never know where someone will be willing to pay for drive space, so it's worth a try wherever you live.

4. Turn your home into a film set
It helps if you have a quirky home, a beautiful one, or one in a popular filming location, but professionals are looking for homes as film and TV sets all the time. You can advertise on the likes of Shoot Factory.

It's worth pointing out that it can be a hassle, which might require the crew to be in your home for days, and your belongings to be boxed up. However, you can make some decent money - and your house could be famous too.

5. Make dinner for strangers
This one requires a bit more work from you, because you'll be cooking dinner for people and then eating with them. It sounds unusual, but the idea is that when people are away, sometimes they want to eat like a local, and get to the heart of the place they're staying. Platforms like VizEat connect diners together with hosts, so if you have the cooking skills and you like meeting people, you could make anything from £10-£100 per person.

How to Make Money From Home
How to Make Money From Home