High paid CEOs' are bad for companies

What can they do about it?

High Paid CEOs' are Bad for Companies

Bad news for companies with high paid CEOs, new research reveals that not only will employees resent their leader but your company will also underperform.

Glassdoor analysed 1.2 million CEO approval ratings and saw that a wide pay gap between top executives and workers led to toxic effects on company culture and also did nothing in the way of boosting the bottom line.

Often they added less value for stock holders than companies with lower paid leadership.

CEOs who foster a great company culture can lessen that effect. So even if they're earning a high wage employees' views of their leadership can improve, pointed out Glassdoor's chief economist.

Another determining factor regarding work place morale was where the CEO came from, with internal hires being better received than those coming from outside the company.

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