The Fixer: cancelled flight cost me £630

We help holidaymaker refused refund by Emirates Airline.

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Dear Fixer,

In June 2014, when I was working in Yemen, I made a return holiday booking with the website from Sana'a in Yemen to Antananarivo in Madagascar.

One week before I was due to go on holiday, I was evacuated from Sana'a due to political violence and sent to Dubai.

I therefore set about arranging a refund for the original flights with Emirates Airline and Kenya Airways, and rebooking the tickets from Dubai.

The problem is that Emirates - the chief operator of my booking - will not refund the part of my booking operated by Kenya Airways, which also refuses to give me a refund as I never made any booking through them directly.

I have been seeking this refund from since October 2014. It initially told me I would get the total cost of €1,820.99 (£1,552) back.

But I have only received €1,082.36 due to Emirates refusing to refund me the full amount. Can you help me get a refund of the extra euros I was promised?

J McLeod-Hatch, London

Dear Mr McLeod-Hatch,

Following my intervention, Tripsta, which owns, has decided to refund you the remaining amount of €738.63, or about £630.

It says that airlines generally provide a full refund for all unused components of the flight, but that in this instance its attempts to get the rest of the money from Emirates or Kenya Airways have failed.

Despite this, it will refund you the rest of your money as a gesture of goodwill. The funds should be in your account within five days.

The Fixer

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