Bill Gates is richer than ever before...

He's currently worth $90 billion

Bill Gates Is Richer Than Ever with $90 Billion Net Worth

Bill Gates is currently the richest he's ever been with a wealth of $90 billion behind him.

That's up from the $83.3 billion he was reportedly worth in March of this year, Bloomberg reported.

The spike in wealth is said to be from his public holdings and companies like Canadian National Railway company and the food tech company Ecolab Inc.

Bloomberg's billionaire index shows that Gates now has a fortune which is $13.5 billion larger than the world's second richest man - Spanish retail mogul, Amancio Ortega who is founder of the Inditex fashion group which counts Zara among its shops.

With his most recent net worth Gates could make up 0.5% of the USA's GDP.

His friend, investor Warren Buffett, who regularly tops the list comes in at $65.7 billion.

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