Paul Pogba: just one of many 'boomerang' employees?

'He is a boy from here, he knows the club'

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Paul Pogba has made his first appearance for Manchester United since rejoining the club earlier this year. The club has not only welcomed him with open arms, but has paid highly for the privilege, with a world record transfer fee of £89.3 million.

"Paul is one of the best players in the world and will be a key part of the United team I want to build here for the future," commented manager Jose Mourinho.

And it seems that plenty of other employers are open to the idea of 'boomerang employees' too. Recent research from Robert Half UK has revealed that 83% of HR executives are more accepting of boomerang employees than they were three years ago, with only 7% saying they were against the idea.

More than a third of HR directors say they've already rehired an employee who had previously left the organisation.

"Rehiring former employees back into the organisation can help to offset the current challenges companies face in the war for talent," says the firm's senior managing director Phil Sheridan.

"This growing acceptance of boomerang employees emphasises the increasing fluidity of the job market."

Large organisations appear to be more open to the idea, with only 4% saying they wouldn't consider hiring a boomerang employee, compared with 12% of those in small enterprises.

"In smaller enterprises especially, there sometimes isn't the opportunity or scope for employees to expand their skills set," says Sheridan.

"In these instances employers may benefit from allowing employees to leave and gain the experience they need for their career, with the added value of additional training, while keeping the door open for 'alumni' employees should a suitable role become available."

If you want to get yourself rehired, it seems the most important factor - as in Pogpa's case - is a successful track record, followed by a good fit with the rest of the team.

HR directors also like the fact that boomerang employees are quicker and cheaper to get on board. And as Mourinho has commented about Pogpa, "Adaptation is really easy because he is a boy from here, he knows the club, he knows everybody. There's no need for time to adapt."

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