Would you buy a T-rex skull for $1.8 million?

It is one of the most complete and high quality to ever come to market

Would You Buy a $1.8 million T-rex Skull?

Collecting cars, art and jewelry may be the usual pastimes of the wealthy.

However, for those looking for something extra special, a Tyrannosaurus rex skull worth at least $1.8 million dollars up for sale might be just the thing.

Luxify, a high-end, online auction house that's previously been in the news for trying to sell Michael Jackson's former home Neverland Ranch, has posted it online with a reserve price of $1.8 million.

According to the site it is one of the most complete and high quality T-rex skulls to ever come to market and will be an excellent specimen for display and academic study.

It dates from the late Cretaceous period, roughly 65.5 to 72 million years ago and is about 90% in tact.

Luxify said a private American dinosaur fossil exploration firm discovered the specimen last summer on a private ranch in north eastern Montana.

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