Where to find the cheapest pint on your next summer holiday

Average bar bill can cost more than travel there and back.

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Ever come back from holiday wondering how you managed to spend so much on drinks?

Many Britons' holiday debt hangovers are driven by their bar bills. In fact, the average holiday drinks bill for a family of four in some destinations is far higher than the cost of flying there and back, according to insurer Direct Line.

So it pays to factor in the cost of a round at the bar when booking your next trip - especially with Sterling weakness making your pounds worth less overseas.

The question is: which countries have the cheapest drinks? Let's find out...

Cost of a pint of beer

Holidays in the US may be washed down with ice cold Buds, but America is one of the most expensive destinations to buy a pint, according to Direct Line.

Its figures show that you will pay £5.29 for a pint in an average American bar, about twice the price of a pint in Portugal - where the typical cost is £2.65.

Other cheap places to grab a pint include Germany at £3.48, the Netherlands at £3.60 and Greece at £3.82. (See below for the full table.)

Other drinks

Not everyone likes - or is old enough to drink - beer. So it's worth taking the cost of other drinks into consideration when booking your holiday too.

A single measure G&T in a touristy French bar, for example, costs an eyewaterinw £9.19 on average, while the same drink will set you back just £5.82 in a Greek taverna.

And when it comes to a pint of Coke for the kids, you will pay £3.95 in France compared to just £2.16 in Portugal.

Cost of a pint of beer
USA - £5.29
Italy - £5.26
France - £4.64
Irish Republic - £4.35
Spain - £3.92
Greece - £3.82
Netherlands - £3.60
Germany - £3.48
Portugal - £2.65

Cost of a pint of Coke
France - £3.95
Italy - £3.40
USA - £3.06
Greece - £2.96
Germany - £2.60
Irish Republic - £2.53
Spain - £2.45
Netherlands - £2.38
Portugal - £2.16

Cost of a G&T
France - £9.19
Italy - £7.82
Netherlands - £7.61
USA - £7.41
Germany - £6.96
Portugal - £6.96
Spain - £6.74
Irish Republic - £5.83
Greece - £5.82

Source: Direct Line

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