Laziness is a sign of intelligence

Can this be true?

Laziness is a Sign of Intelligence

Laziness isn't a trait that's often openly celebrated but new evidence may turn this around.

New scientific findings have revealed that the laziest among us may also be the most intelligent.

Scientists from Florida Gulf Coast University rounded up students from another university and gave them questionaires that put them in one of two categories.

The two categories were 'thinkers' and 'non-thinkers' and the questionaire they gave them was 30 years old and called the 'Need for Cognition' test.

Questions are answered by saying how much you agree with a statement, such as 'thinking is not my idea of fun' or 'I prefer to think about small daily projects compared to long term ones'.

They then monitored the students activities over the next week.

The results found that those deemed 'thinkers' were much less active than the 'non-thinkers'.

They're supposing that it's because 'non-thinkers' fill their days to stimulate their minds, in order to escape their own thoughts.

Meanwhile 'thinkers' are happily entertained by what they've got going on in their own heads.

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