Prank caller, 49, banned from ordering pizza

Randy Riddle is accused of costing businesses $667

Judge Bans 49-Year-Old Prank Caller from Ordering Pizza

A 49-year-old Florida man fond of making prank calls has been banned from ordering pizza over the phone.

TC Palm reports that Randy Riddle from Florida is accused of costing several businesses at least $667 over a three week period on pizza orders he complained about, refused to pay for or directed to false addresses.

He was charged with four counts of harassing phone calls, two counts of first-degree petty theft and one count of second degree petty theft.

When Riddle was released on $5,500 bail the warrant stated: "The defendant shall refrain from calling any pizza establishment and/or making any harassing calls or his bond shall be revoked."

According to Buzzfeed News the prankster went as far as to use five different phone numbers to con the pizza places.

He is also reported to have made calls to the police and Department of Health concerning the pizza restaurants.

Riddle is set to return to court later in August.

Victims of scams and fraud

Victims of scams and fraud