Average summer holiday costs £974

multi generation family...
multi generation family...

Going on holiday this summer? If you've already booked flight, ferry or train tickets and accommodation, you might think you've already paid out the lion's share of the total cost.

But according to new research from Sainsbury's Bank, those expenses are likely to make up just a third of the total outlay, which for the average Briton is now close to £1,000.

Average cost of a summer holiday

UK holidaymakers going away this summer are spending an average of £974 on their breaks, the Sainsbury's Bank figures show.

Of that, just £342 goes on booking the holiday itself. The rest is taken up by holiday extras such as spending money (£288), new clothes (£96) and getting to and from the airport or train station (£58).

While on holiday, generous Brits also typically splash out £56 on gifts for loved ones.

They pamper themselves too, with pre-travel beauty treatments such as manicures and haircuts that add £47 to the overall cost.

Simon Ranson, head of banking at Sainsbury's Bank, said: "The true cost of a holiday is much greater than just the upfront cost of booking it in the first place, with lots of add-ons to consider by the time you're ready to set off."

The holiday debt hangover

A typical Brit heading off on vacation this summer will put 23% of the total spend on a credit card, Sainsbury's Bank researchers found.

And while some will pay the debt off on their existing card, a quarter of those with holiday debts left over will use a 0% card to allow them more time to clear the balance without incurring interest.

The bank is therefore warning those planning to switch cards to be wary of offers that fail to last for as long as advertised.

"When applying for credit cards, people may not realise that the 0% introductory deals advertised aren't always offered to successful applicants," Ranson added.

"If you're successful when applying for credit card with us you'll receive the full advertised 0% promotional period, but some providers may offer fewer months so it's worth checking this before applying."

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