People have started paying by fingerprint in Japan

Could this be the future of spending?

People Start Paying With a Fingerprint in Japan

Can you imagine paying a bill in a restaurant with a finger print? The idea has peaked the interest of Japanese retailers

The finger print payment service comes from Liquid Pay, a Tokyo-based start up.

Travellers first register their fingerprint, passport and credit card information at their hotel.

Then once they get to shops they can pay by simply resting their finger on a sensor at the checkout desk.

The service first started in Ikebukuro, a major shopping district in Tokyo and it's called biometrics authentication which verifies peoples identity through their fingerprints, veins or facial features.

The global market for this technology is $2 billion a year and growing at quite a rate.

Japanese companies like Fujitsu and NBC have advanced technology in the field that's used by border control agents and law enforcement.

Until recently they haven't done much consumer business now the fingerprint payment services spreading to restaurants and even the theme park Huis Ten Bos.

It's an alternative to mobile payment systems using smartphones from Apple or Samsung.

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