Infamous Nazi golden gun up for auction

The weapon was owned by Hermann Goering

Infamous Nazi Golden Gun Up For Auction

This is the gold plated gun that belonged to infamous Nazi Hermann Goering who is best known for being Hitler's right hand man.

The gun is a Walther PPK with gold plating and a carved ivory grip and the Rock Island Auction Company is selling the notorious weapon which has a traditional German oak leaf and acorn engraving.

Goering's initials 'HG' are also embossed on the handle of the gun and his family crest of a fist holding a ring is also visible.

The auction will take place between 9 and 11 September and it is expected that the gun will sell for somewhere between $250 - 400,000.

The auction listing states: "The family crest was designed by Hermann Goering after WWI, and consists of a armored fist holding a large ring, which was intended to represent the nickname he used during WWI, which was 'Der Eiseme' or the 'Iron One'."

A personalised ring and cufflinks are also on sale in the same lot as the Walther PPK.

Rock Island Auctions say the cufflinks have the 'same Field Marshall seal and family crest' while the ring is also hallmarked '750'.

According to, Goering was placed in office after Hitler became Chancellor in 1933 and he later went on to create the secret police before being made Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force.

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