Amazon driver steals wallet, Amazon 'won't help'

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Amazon Delivery Man Stole Wallet, Amazon Won't Help

Recently, an Amazon driver was buzzed into an office to make a delivery and was told by the receptionist where to drop off the package.

After dropping off the package, security camera footage reveals that the man searched through the receptionist's purse after noticing that she had momentarily left the office.

The man is caught on camera stealing the woman's wallet, but allegedly Amazon has said that they cannot help the victim because they have over 500 drivers.

The footage, shared on YouTube, shows the driver walking into the office, quickly chatting to the receptionist before walking through to another room.

The man then walks back into the receptionist's room, although he's not completely visible the man can be seen standing in the room.

As he comes out into the reception area again he is seen tucking something into the waistband of his trousers while checking to see if anyone is around.

He then quickly walks out again, but not before looking almost directly into the CCTV camera filming him.

The YouTube video has had over one million views since it was uploaded just two days ago and has attracted almost 5,500 comments.

Victims of scams and fraud

Victims of scams and fraud