Thieves steal teen cancer sufferer's collection box

Money was being raised for a £1 million treatment in the USA

              CCTV: Two thieves steal a teenage cancer sufferer's collection box

Two thieves have been caught on CCTV stealing a collection box containing money to help a teenage cancer sufferer afford potentially life-saving treatment.

The box, containing between £65 and £75, was taken from Bank Street News, in Hythe, Kent, at around 2.30pm on Wednesday July 27.

It contained funds for 16-year-old Kelly Turner, from Dover, who was diagnosed with an aggressive rare cancer in October 2015 and needs £1 million for treatment to remove tumours near her liver in the United States.

Store CCTV footage shows a woman sliding the box across the till counter towards a boy behind her, who places it on the floor, lowers his bag and puts it inside, before the pair leave.

Store owner Mikin Patel, 30, said he got a phone call from an 'upset' staff member when she discovered the box, which Patel made out of old pic 'n' mix containers, was gone.

He said: "She told me the box has gone missing, and she just felt a bit gutted and guilty that she didn't see it.

"So I just went through the CCTV and I spotted it, so I phoned the police.

"I just felt disgusted actually, that you try to help someone and someone can just walk in and think it belongs to them."

Victims of scams and fraud

Victims of scams and fraud