Premium Bonds: August winners announced

Cornwall and Somerset are the lucky counties this month

Premium Bonds: August winners announced

Summer is in full swing and we'd all like a little extra cash to help us fully enjoy the weather.

For those of you holding Premium Bonds, you may be in luck as this month's winners have been announced.

The two millionaires this month can be found in the south west of England in Cornwall and Somerset.

A woman from Cornwall (Bond number: 251SW073009), with a holding of £50,000 was lucky enough to win the first million.

Meanwhile a man from Somerset (Bond number: 73TQ908838), with a holding of £31,225 has been announced as the second millionaire.

The winner from Cornwall only purchased her winning bond in July 2015 confirming that you've got just as much chance of winning whenever you bought your bond.

It's third time lucky for Cornwall with the last million pound prize being won in 2015, while Somerset is up to its fifth Premium Bonds millionaire winner, with the last top prize coming in 2011.

Prize draw breakdown
Value of prizeNumber of prizes
Total prize fund value:
Total number of prizes:

This month's millionaires are ERNIE's 343rd and 344th jackpot winners.

There isn't any limit set when it comes to claiming prizes and some go as far back as 50 years!

In Cornwall one woman is in line for a £25 tax free prize that was bought with a £1 investment in 1966.

Meanwhile in Somerset the oldest prize is also £25 and was also won on a £1 investment 45 years ago!

If you're worried about missing out on a unclaimed Premium Bonds prize then get rid of the stress by registering to have any prizes paid directly into your bank account.

And don't worry, it won't just sit there until you check your finances, you'll also get an email notifying you of your win!

You can also head to the NS&I website to check whether you've won on your Bonds here.

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