Quarter of Brits would turn down higher wages for work perks

What would be top of your list?

Brits would turn down higher wages for work perks

How would you feel if your boss offered you free breakfast each day instead of higher wages? Or if the company you work for said you could have a company car but you won't be getting that pay rise this year?

Employment bonuses, such as a company car or free food, have become increasingly popular over the last few years, which explains why 55% of UK workplaces currently offer work perks.

A survey by printerland.co.uk explored the attitude of Brits when it comes to employment benefits and found that 25% of Brits would take a lower salary in return for better 'perks'.

The most common perks offered by British companies are flexitime (51%), financial bonuses (50%), free food (32%), gadgets such as company phones and tablets (21%) and company cars (11%).

They may be the most common, but what about the slightly quirky ones? Some respondants claimed they were offered 'duvet days', counselling, massages and even holidays.

If you could choose your own work perks what suggestions would you put forward?

The survey threw up some interesting ideas including Netflix subscriptions, event tickets, free trips and on-site facilities such as a gym or creche.

So, if you could choose anything, what would you opt for? Let us know in the comments below!

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