Man pulled over with a tonne of rice in back of car

He was fined around £300 by police

Man Pulled Over with 2,000 Pounds of Rice in Minivan

A motorist in the UK was fined for driving with close to 2,000lbs of rice in his vehicle.

That might not sound like a lot but 2,000lb is equal to one tonne... so you have to ask, why would you need that much basmati rice?

BCH Road Policing shared a picture of the car on Twitter where you can see just how low it's riding.

They shared the image with the caption: "If you need to carry 800kg of rice, choose a suitable vehicle. This isn't it. Dangerously overweight"
Police are saying the driver thought he had found a good deal - 44 pound bags of rice for just £15 so he bought 40 of them.

Police pulled him over for the vehicle being overweight and let him off with a warning, which he did not heed.

They had to pull him over a second time, and that's when the fined him around £300.

Which, if you add to the price he paid for the rice, is a pretty pricey day out!

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