Lottery winner arrested for funding crystal meth ring

It's not what most people would do with their winnings...

$3M Lottery Winner Arrested After Investing Prize Money In Meth Business

Most people have reasonable idea of what they would like to do with their money if they won the lottery.

Maybe you'd like to buy a house, throw a big party for friends and family or invest in your children's future education.

However one man in Georgia, USA, used a chunk of his $3 million payout to do something slightly different. He funded a crystal meth ring.

Last week, Ronnie Music, Jr. of Waycross appeared in district court and pleaded guilty to federal drug trafficking and firearm charges, reports WTLV.

Authorities became aware of Music's participation in the meth trade after a September 2015 bust that yielded 11 pounds of the drug valued at roughly $500,000.

Further investigation revealed Music had supplied the methamphetamine and used a portion of his lottery money for its purchase, notes the Atlanta Journal‑Constitution.

By the case's end, agents had seized $1 million in meth, numerous firearms, a very large supply of ammunition, cars, and cash in the amount of about $600,000.

Said United States Attorney Ed Tarver: "As a result of his unsound investment strategy, Music now faces decades in a federal prison."

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