Woman orders doormat on Amazon, receives something bizarre

It definitely wasn't quite what she was expecting...

Woman Orders Doormat on Amazon But Ends Up with a Weird Delivery

We've all been there. It's late, you are bored, you've had a few glasses of wine and before you know it, you went on an online shopping spree.

But when comedian Emily Heller, purchased this on Amazon, the joke was on her.

So this is what she ordered, an 18 x 30 inch doormat for close to $15 from a third part Amazon seller who had pretty good reviews.

Not a bad deal! But, what she received in the post was definitely not what she expected.
She shared this picture on her Twitter account along with the caption: "Tried to buy a doormat and here's what arrived: a piece of foam with a photo of the thing I wanted printed on it."

So, she did what any confused and unhappy customer would do and contacted the seller.

They replied apologising but also claimed it was a photo resolution problem and offered her a partial refund.

She turned them down and went straight to Amazon who issued her with store credit equivalent to the price of the purchase.

Heller was a good sport about the whole thing though and donated the now infamous mat at a recent stand up show she performed at.

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