Kim Kardashian is paid $700,000 to take selfies

The reality star was in high demand at an event recently

Kim Kardashian Makes Six Figures Off Selfies

Many people may claim that the Kardashians have no talent, but the Keeping Up With The Kardashians stars still manage to find some brilliant ways to make money.

A website recently broke the news that Kim Kardashian makes $700,000 per selfie that she takes with an Instagram star.

She recently walked away from a party in the Hamptons having earned nearly a million dollars for showing up at the Revolve event.

Perhaps the most outrageous part of the story is that Kim was actually only present at the event for one hour!

Selfies isn't the only unusual way Kim Kardashian has made her fortune however.

Daily Dot revealed that last year Kardashian made a whopping $43.4 million from her game.

It may be free but users have the option to make in-app purchases and that's what is raking in the cash for Kim.

Nearly 23 million people have downloaded the game and an unbelievable 5.7 billion minutes has been spent playing the game.

If you think these girls aren't money savvy, think again because they're making a fortune in their own way!

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