Man finds artifacts worth $90,000 under bathroom floor

Alvin Gonzales was renovating the room when he found 12 historic photographs

Man finds artifacts worth a small fortune in his home

While redoing his bathroom, Alvin Gonzales from Albuquerque, USA, happened upon a little more than dodgy tiling and bad plumbing.

The home renovation, which was set to cost $800 (£608), could earn Alvin a whopping $90,000 (£68,437).

While pulling up the floorboards in his bathroom, he was lucky enough to happen upon a selection of rare photos.

The 12 images that were discovered lurking under the boards were taken during the historic attack on Pearl Harbour.

A stamp from the US on the back of the photographs seems to prove that these pictures are, in fact, the real deal.

According to some of the pictures also had Japanese markings on the back of them and look like they may show Japanese forces planning for the attack.

Gonzales said: "It's hard to know where they came from. Maybe they were obtained during or after the war."

He added: "Time stood still that day. It was a monumental moment in American history and we should never forget it."

Offers are now pouring in from all across the United States and Gonzales is planning on accepting one as soon as he gets the photographs authenticated by the Library of Congress.

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