Boston taxi driver finds almost $200k cash in his cab

The driver was given a $100 reward by the grateful passenger

Cab Driver Turns in Nearly $200K in Lost Cash

A Boston taxi driver is being praised for turning in a huge sum of money left in his backseat last week.

Police say the cab driver picked up his passenger on Friday afternoon and after dropping him off, realized the rider left his backpack behind.

While looking for an ID to contact the passenger, the driver discovered there was about $187,000 (£144,280) in cash inside the bag.
He then brought the backpack and cash straight to Boston Police headquarters.

Soon afterwards, the police got a call from the owner of the backpack who went straight down to the station to prove the cash was his.

According to the cash was bundled up in sets of $100, $50 and $20 notes.

Rachel McGuire, a spokeswoman from Boston police, said that the money had come to the man through inheritance.

He was able to prove the money belonged to him by giving a receipt of inheritance.

The taxi driver didn't walk away empty-handed either, Raymond 'Buzzy' MacCausland, 72, was given a $100 (£77) reward from the grateful passenger.

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