Tony Stark takes on Mark Zuckerberg - who is the richest?

The richest characters in fiction. How do they compare to real billionaires?

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Move over Mark Zuckerberg, because the Facebook billionaire is a mere also-ran when compared to fiction's richest people. However, it's not Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne, or even Richie Rich who beats the social media tycoon for immense wealth. The two richest characters in fiction aren't even human.

A new study by Lottoland looked at the richest characters in fiction, and the top spot was taken by Scrooge McDuck - worth £44.1 billion. Second place, meanwhile, was snapped up by a mythical creature: Smaug the Dragon - worth £42.4 billion.

Next in line is Carlisle Cullen at £31.5 billion. Sadly for Tony Stark, next in this list is Mark Zuckerberg - worth an estimated £27.3 billion. Tony follows a fair distance behind at £8.5 billion, then Charles Foster Kane at £7.7 billion, and Bruce Wayne at £6.3 billion.

The top ten:

1. Scrooge McDuck (£44.1 billion)
The star of Ducktales the Movie started out polishing boots, before striking it lucky by finding a golden rock the size of a goose egg. He went on to amass his fortune through a combination of sound investments and extreme stinginess.

2. Smaug the dragon (£42.4 billion)
Smaug, from The Hobbit, made his fortune invading the town of Dale and taking over The Lonely Mountain. He then spent the next 200 years sleeping on top of a mountain of gold.

3. Carlisle Cullen (£31.5 billion)
Head of the Cullen family in Twilight took advantage of his mortality to make some clever long term investments.

4. Tony Stark (£8.5 billion)
The head of Stark Industries (and part time Iron Man) made his fortune by building on his adopted father's business, although he has spent a good quality of this on gadgets.

5. Charles Foster Kane (£7.7 billion)
Citizen Kane was born into poverty but struck lucky when his family was given a mine as payment for a room. It turned out to be full of gold - which was handy.

6. Bruce Wayne (£6.3 billion)
Batman inherited his billions as heir to the Wayne Enterprises fortune - which gives him plenty of time for crime fighting and developing more gadgetry.

7. Richie Rich (£3.9 billion)
The only child of Richard Rich Snr inherited his fortune, and spent his life devising unusual ways to spend it.

8. Christian Grey (£1.7 billion)
The star of Fifty Shades of Grey made his fortune by using a $100,000 gift from a friend of his mum to found Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.

9. Tywin Lannister (£1.2 billion)
The Lord of Casterly Rock in Game of Thrones is head of the richest family in the seven kingdoms. It's no wonder he is well-known for paying his debts.

10. Charles Montgomery Burns (£1 billion)
The billionaire from The Simpsons was born into poverty, but adopted by a billionaire. His fortune has been helped by a combination of varied business interests and a somewhat ruthless approach.

But while it's good to know Christian Grey is less powerful than a duck in a top hat, in reality these fictional characters have nothing on the billionaires of real life.

According to Forbes, the richest people in the world are Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft), Amancio Ortega (founder of Zara), and investment guru Warren Buffett. All three of them remain the richest - even factoring fiction into the equation.

Tony Stark, meanwhile, if he was added to the Forbes list, would only make it to 88th place.

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