Lucky Lotto winner takes home £14.6 million

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One lucky Lotto player is set for a life of luxury after scooping a £14.6 million win on Saturday's National Lottery draw.

The big win comes as a result of a double rollover, with only one ticket-holder matching all six numbers: 24, 43, 16, 19, 09, 03 and the bonus ball, 13.

The draw was delayed by two hours because of the Germany-Italy Euro 2016 match. There's no news yet about where the winning ticket was bought.

Meanwhile, seven people matched five numbers plus the bonus ball to win £12,963 each; and another 225 matched five numbers, taking home £424 each.

The winner will be one of the biggest ever in the main Lotto game. The largest ever total Lotto jackpot was a little over £42 million, drawn in January 1996, but split between three anonymous winners. Each received around £14 million.

Last month, one person scooped a £21 million jackpot with the numbers 19, 38, 20, 02, 14, 29 and bonus number 27.

But the biggest winner in Lotto history was the unnamed person that took home an extraordinary £35,133,888 in April.

The National Lottery advises winners to take their time adjusting to their win.

"Our first piece of advice is to always take your time, do nothing in haste and have a holiday, so you can allow the news to sink in," says senior winners' advisor Andy Carter.

"Winners are often in deep shock in the initial days after the win, but we often find that their family and friends play an important role in keeping their feet on the floor, as despite the win, family life tends to go on as normal."

The company helps winners with legal and investment advice, whether or not they decide to go public about their win. It recommends using a private bank that specialises in high net worth individuals - indeed, some even have a special team to handle lottery wins.

If a prize isn't claimed, Camelot hangs on to the money for six months before donating it to one of its good causes.

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Biggest UK lottery winners

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