Prince's 'Yellow Cloud' guitar sold for £104,000

A lock of David Bowie's hair was also sold for £14,193

Prince's Guitar Sells for $137,500

Prince's distinctive 'Yellow Cloud' guitar, used by the late icon throughout the Nineties, sold at auction Saturday for $137,500 (£104,083).

The bright-yellow, custom-built guitar – made by Minneapolis' Knut-Koupee Enterprises and outfitted with gold knobs, tremolo and tuning keys – was purchased by Indianapolis Colts owner and avid music memorabilia collector Jim Irsay.

The guitar was sold at a Heritage Auctions event where a lock of David Bowie's hair also sold for $18,750 (£14,193).

The online listing also added: "The guitar is included with a custom hard case with a matching label bearing the same serial number '16644'. The guitar and case are accompanied by an LOA (letter of authenticity) from Prince's former guitar technician Zeke Clark and seven Prince guitar picks of six different designs and colors."

"Overall in Fair to Good condition. The neck has been expertly repaired and the guitar is otherwise Excellent in appearance."

Prince's former guitar technician, Zeke Clark, wrote for Heritage Auctions in a letter of authenticity: "This Yellow Cloud guitar was Prince's main guitar and was used in most of his videos and touring performances and album recordings from around 1988 to 1994."

According to the BBC this isn't the first time Irsay has picked up a piece of music history. He already owns pieces from Bob Dylan, John Lennon and more.

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