Adrian Bayford isn't the only lottery winner going back to work

If money were no object, would you work?

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For some lottery winners, quitting their job is the number one item on the to-do list; others say they plan to carry on just the same. Some, though, use their win to follow their heart.

Recently, for example, 2012 Euromillions winner Adrian Bayford opened a film and music memorabilia store in Cambridge, Black Barn Records, saying he has always had a passion for music.

But what have other lottery winners done?

Stay in the job

Most lottery winners quit their job at some point, but many take their time about doing it.

In 2014 Jean Swatman, a grandmother from Lowestoft in Suffolk, won £2 million on the National Lottery, but carried on making doughnuts for Morrison for another eight months.

And earlier this year, a Manchester road worker carried on with his job despite winning £1 million on a scratchcard; his only concession to his new wealth was to stop doing overtime.

And staying in work could be the right move. In 2008, Carl Prance, gave up work after winning £7 million on the National Lottery - but soon regretted it. The former train driver said things didn't feel right when he was on a permanent holiday, and went back to work in the railway offices.

Start a new business

Adrian Bayford's ex-wife Gillian also went into the retail business, buying a cafe in Arbroath two years ago. However, the business didn't last long: she closed it down earlier this year.

Others, such as Mark Brudenell and his wife Cheryl, have persisted rather longer. Four years after winning £916,915 in 1997, they set up a double-glazing business that is still going strong.

Meanwhile, Eloise Heard, who won £1,346,840 in 2011, invested in her mobile beauty business, while husband David set up an online toy company.

Live a life of leisure

When a group of ten workmates won £28 million in the EuroMillions lottery, they all packed in their jobs immediately - despite the fact that they were the only employees at the A4E office. A worker at a nearby industrial unit said temporary staff had to be drafted in.

And after Deana Sampson won £5,439,681 in 1996, she says, "I've made some good investments and am now a lady of leisure, which is lovely."

Similarly, Jane Cunningham, who won £7,544,200 in 2008, packed in her job as a PA working for a TV stuntman - and married him instead.

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