Google co-founder has invested millions in developing flying cars

Larry Page is said to have personally funded two startups

Google Co-Founder Has Invested Millions Of Dollars To Build Flying Cars

Ever since humans could drive, many have been dreaming about taking their automobiles into the sky, and it appears Google co-founder Larry Page is among them.

Bloomberg recently reported the billionaire is personally funding two startups intent upon creating flying cars.

Zee.Aero has, according to Bloomberg, already received $100 million since its 2010 inception, and the other company, Kitty Hawk, was added to Page's personal payroll last year.

Exactly what they're creating remains largely a mystery, but both eyewitness reports and patent filings suggest Zee.Arrow is working on a multi-propeller, plane-like craft.

Kitty Hawk's vision of transportation's future looks more like a quadcopter drone.

Both companies have kept their relationship with Page very quiet. In fact, when the Google co-founder kept an office at Zee.Aero staffers referred to him only as GUS, an acronym for 'the guy upstairs.'

Notably, the two endeavors may soon find themselves looking for new backers.

In breaking the story, Bloomberg revealed Page once said he may sever ties with the startups if his involvement became public.

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