The truth behind the lottery - what do people plan to do with their winnings?

Only 37% of men said they would donate to charity if they won

The truth behind the lottery - what do people really do with their winnings?

If you play the lottery then chances are that you've already planned what you will do with your winnings if that day ever comes. So how do your plans stack up against other people's?

Research carried out by the World Lottery Club has looked into what people plan to do with their cash once they've won.

The research found that as many as 60% of those asked said they would be more likely to contribute to their savings pot than throw a lavish party.

When it comes to gender, it looks like women are more likely to hire help after taking the jackpot than men, with 22% of women saying they would compared to just 13% of men.

However women are also more likely to contribute to charity if they win big, with 42% saying they would hand over some of their winnings, compared to 37% of men.

Regionally, the Welsh are most likely to give to charity with 50% while on 28% in the East Midlands and 35% in Northern Ireland.

Only 20% of people are playing the lottery twice a week these days - which has been put down to financial uncertainty - and 30% of lottery players only spend around £1 - £5 a month on it.

This isn't necessarily surprising when you find out that half of respondents revealed that they only won up to £20 in the last year.

So, what would you spend your money on if you won big on the lottery? Let us know in the comments below!

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