Man sells son's car on Craigslist to teach him a lesson

He became infuriated with the way his son was acting

Man Sells Teen Son's Car On Craigslist To Teach Him A Lesson

Many parents buy their teenage children cars and probably assume the vehicles will be used for getting to school or even picking up some part-time work.

Allan Gieger Jr. of Jacksonville, Florida was dismayed to learn that was not at all how the Ford Explorer he gave his son was being used, so he put the car on Craigslist, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

The ad reads, in part: "I have my sons truck up for sale that I bought for him as his first car, he thinks it's cool to drive around with his friends smokin dope and acting all thug and especially not showing me and my wife the respect we deserve."

"This was a vehicle to finish school in, get a decent job and get a head start on life but he chose to throw it all away because his friends would rather have an influence on him more than me!"

The dad also wrote: "I just put new tires on it that he never paid me for because dope was more important..."

Though the car sold within hours; the ad and the father who wrote it are becoming increasingly popular, notes CNN.

The furious father really wanted to teach his son a lesson, adding: "If you live on the WESTSIDE I'll take $250 off the price just so he sees it every now and then so it'll remind him of how good he had it!"

A screenshot of the advert was posted on Facebook last Wednesday and has since been shared over 1,500 times on the social networking site.

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