Football fans driving during Euro 2016 'could rack up hundreds in toll charges'


Football fans driving in France during Euro 2016 could rack up hundreds of pounds in toll charges, according to a new study.

Motorists following England all the way to the final could pay up to £326 in motorway fees for just seven games, Post Office Travel Money warned.

The most expensive toll charges for a single trip by supporters of the home nations is £82, which Northern Ireland fans face if they drive from Calais to Nice for their opening game against Poland.

The "budget alternative" for driving in France would be to use trunk roads, the report added.

In addition to toll charges, England supporters will already have to fork out up to £479 for petrol or £411 for diesel if they take the quickest driving routes, covering 3,919 miles to get to the final in Paris on July 10.

Wales fans could spend even more time on the road - a maximum of 4,124 miles costing £507 for petrol or £441 for diesel.

Despite the long drive on this side of the Channel, Northern Ireland supporters are facing a shorter maximum distance of 4,027 miles because of match locations.

This would cost £500 in petrol and £445 for diesel drivers, taking into account the longer journey to and from Dover and higher diesel costs in England than France.

But driving will still be more economical than flying, according to the study.

It found that a group of four England fans taking a one-way flight to Marseille for Saturday night's game against France would have to pay at least £1,000, whereas the cost of travelling by car would be significantly lower.

Andrew Brown of Post Office Travel Money said: "Driving is definitely the most economical way for football fans to keep the cost of travel to the Euro championship to a minimum and it is also the most practical way to get from one match to another.

"This is especially true when air travel is so expensive.

"Remember that plastic may not be accepted in rural petrol stations in France so it is worth getting foreign currency before you go."